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A big thank you to everyone who was involved in any way with the PAMIS day yesterday (SAT 9tH Sept 2017), including the team of guys who cleared the boardwalk on Friday to allow access for wheelchairs and the pony.

About 10 families came along this time and response from children, young people, parents and carers alike was very positive. The whole event was brilliantly organised by Amy from PAMIS who puts so much thought and effort into ensuring that everyone has a good day.

We now have keys to big sheds on way to beach. Council staff are going to clear at least one of them out, then we will be able to clean and paint (all offers of help gratefully accepted) and we can start work on our beach buggy project…

Yesterday’s event reinforced for me just how much I take for granted as an able-bodied person, including the ability to enjoy our wonderful beach, when others just can’t manage . The Sand Bothy can help to change this situation….

Next weekend on Saturday and Sunday we will have 3 NEOS artists in the Bothy (they are there from Wednesday morning – pop down if you can ) and outside will be a group from Charlie House respite care. The pony OBAMA will once again be giving wheelchair users rides along the beach. The Charlie House team are bringing their own Gazebos, catering etc, but I have said that Bothy team will help in any way we can, with access past bollards, with hot water and loan of tables. It will be a busy day all round!

Thanks again

Rosie Nicol

BCT c/o 28 Whitehorse Terrace


AB23 8XF