Belhelvie Community Trust has been contacted by our friends in the UK Co-operative.

Currently the Co-op are looking to recruit a Member Pioneer in Balmedie and we are circulating the community to raise this opportunity for anyone who is a supporter of the Co-op who may be interested.

Essentially they are looking for someone who can work in partnership with our local Coop, colleagues, members & customers and the local organisations they support there to encourage good works and benefit the local community.

The application process is online and more details can be found at,

There is unfortunately a very short time frame for the current applications window which closes on Monday 28th August. However, it is currently intended that other opportunities to apply will arise at future dates.

This is part of a much wider recruitment of Co-Op members to step up to be member pioneers to promote the work that the Co-op does in the community and amongst its members. profits from the various retail or trading parts of the Co-operative group goes to many local causes and as dividends to its members. literally millions have been spent supporting activities in communities that are decided by Co-operative members. This is why, what co-operative member pioneers will be so important.


We’re recruiting Member Pioneers to bring people together in your local community.

 Apply by 28 August


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