cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-bct.jpgThe Community Trust is a new idea.  Community Trusts are growing in Scotland. you can watch a wee film about one such Trust here: What is a Development Trust

It is made up of members/Supporters, who control it through a Board of Directors or trustees.  Sounds complicated?  Its not.

You simply join (No fee) and you will be asked what you think, what should happen and you will have a great opportunity to get involved in our community with new ideas and projects to make this an even better place to live.

We have been making a difference in Balmedie, We have planned and opened the SAND BOTHY at Balmedie country park.  We have supported and nurtured, Belhelvie Banter, Helped keep our Christmas Lights, supported and assisted, Potterton Community Group with path project, and all their community consultation and coordinated the installation of local defibrillators.

Can we do more?  Yes…. We can do it together.

Lets do this as a community: just go HERE to download and fill in the form (legally, we require this because we are a charity.) Its that simple.

BCT Membership Application

BCT Membership Application-001

We are a member of the Development Trust Association Scotland.


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