Pop up cafe on Saturday 30th April

Pop up cafe on Saturday 30th April from 10-12 at the Potterton Community Centre. Come along for some tea/coffee and home bakes. £2.50 adults /£1 kids.
Kids Art Station. Book sale or swap (adult & kids books).

Potterton Community's photo.


After storms last year, Aberdeenshire Council have now completed work on a new bridge across the Eigie Burn making beach access southwards easier.

The bridge is more substantial than the one it replaced.  The foundations are significantly deeper and this one is set fair to last a long time.  If that is not chancing fate!

Remember, when you go down to the country park and the beach to take a look, why not join our beach litter squad and pick up a few bits of rubbish as you womble along.

If we all enjoy the money the council has spent on the new facility, it’s only fair that we keep the beach clean and tidy!