BCT Annual General Meeting – Chair’s Report

Chairman’s Report – 2015 AGM at the White Horse Hotel,  Balmedie Monday 26th January

The aim of the Trust is to operate throughout Belhelvie Parish and membership is open to all individuals who have an interest in the Parish.

CONCEPTION – Volunteers in many local organisations had identified that there was a need to bridge gaps and pool resources and so the Trust was established to create an “umbrella” group to support existing community projects and organisations and to create new initiatives throughout the parish, for the benefit of its residents. In community development terms to “encourage community cohesion”…

GESTATION – We have cogitated and considered and we are about to apply for charitable status, we have fine tuned our constitution applied for start-up funding and worked on existing and new projects and I take particular pleasure in seeing the dissemination of information of Parish events through our Facebook page, website and blog as well as in the Banter.

DEVELOPMENT – Our major piece of work will be the acquisition and shared occupancy of the former Ranger Hut at the Beach, and we now have the final draft of our business plan. But we have also been actively involved in other projects: the living Christmas tree, First Responders, defibrillator provision, asset transfer for the sensory garden, Tarts and Crafts tenure, signposting around Balmedie, dry-stane dyking, and upgrading the garden grounds at Tarts and Crafts. These are all either completed or work in progress. It’s not been an effortless delivery, but WE don’t do disappointment.

DELIVERY– Several local group members and individuals have consistently leant their support through this first year and now we present the ‘infant’ as it has evolved and taken shape and already the vocabulary has expanded to include constitution, membership, indemnity, insurance, liabilities, applications, aspirations, roles, responsibilities, partnership working, environmental projects, social enterprise. So before we move on to funding sources, retailing, up-cycling, playrooms and classrooms, we will be consulting, surveying and assimilating what we want and what we need for our base at the Beach. After all, we do want to be in a position to start trading this summer and judging by the tenacity of this management team I think our motto should be: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Let’s get it done; done well and done in time.

Audrey Jeffries

The New Chairman of Belhelvie Community Trust appointed at the meeting was Allan Jeffrey of Balmedie.  Minutes of the AGM will follow shortly for members.



bb_logoOur first monthly meeting of the year is on Thursday 29th January, 7.30pm at Balmedie Library. It’s the meeting for planning what we are going to do this year. If you haven’t met us before, why not come along for the chat and the coffee! Any new ideas for improving the village will be welcome too..

Here’s a picture of the polytunnel last autumn…

Better Balmedie – Meeting 29th January 2015

bb_logoFirst meeting of 2015 will be on Thursday 29th January at 7.30pm at the Library. This will be a planning meeting when we decide on the tasks for the year around the village and in the polytunnel and garden.

Margaret is busy working on the programme of speakers, visits and events for the year, and will have more information for you on 29th.

The catalogue from Gardening Direct arrived this morning reminding me that we will soon have to decide which plug plants we need to be ordering in February.

If you have any ideas for speakers, visits, workshops etc please contact Margaret on margaret.pattinson@hotmail.com

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday 29th.

Best wishes – keep warm!