Planning For Real – Have you say in Potterton & Belhelvie – Saturady October 11th 2014

Aberdeenshire’s Community Planning Partnership will be helping to run a Planning For Real event at Potterton.

This is not the first Planning For Real event, but is to try and progress ideas from the community of Potterton and Belhelvie, building on previous occasions and information.

Planning For Real can help Aberdeenshire Council and the local Belhelvie Community Council by indicating what the community wants so that decisions can better reflect local views.

It can help Belhelvie Community Trust, (BCT) in developing projects and groups which will organise and deliver what people themselves have wanted.

Everyone who has an interest in the future of Potterton and Belhelvie should come along on October 11 and drop in to ” have your say” or to volunteer with Belhelvie community trust and create local groups to get things done locally.

Saturday 11th October 2014, Potterton Community Centre

If you want to know more about planning for real, please use the links below.


If you have any further questions and want to speak to somebody about Planning For Real or cannot attend on Saturday October 11, then please contact Sophie Humphries





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